Sponsor a Cat

Thank you for supporting Catsnip - your continued support and good wishes enable us to help so many unwanted cats and kittens left to fend for themselves on the streets of Sicily.

For the first time, we are now able to offer a sponsorship of those felines who will never be able to be rehomed - either due to long term ill health, age or personality quirks! These needy souls are no less wanting, sweet, endearing and above loving. We will never turn any cat away, never put to sleep unless advised by our dedicated vets, always neuter then release, give routine preventative treatments and where possible rehome.

In return for a small monthly donation, you will receive a beautiful picture of your sponsored feline, an overview of their background, a small thank you gift and regular feline/charity news. We are thinking of organising a Catsnip meet up during the summer - if you are able it would be great to meet you all. Your help really does make such a difference to their lives.

Your sponsorship will ensure the continuation of our work but allow us to help other charities working with us to help all the strays and abandoned pets in Sicily.

Yumi (spayed female, born 03 April 2014)


Yumi, crosspatch and little madam, is the sole surviving offspring of Diva, and a grandaughter of Fei. She started off sweet and manageable, but as she grew she changed as you can see from her expression! It seems to say, "Just you try it Buster". She may be pint-sized but that doesn't stop her from chasing any two-tonne-tom away!

Topsy (Spayed female, born aprox April 2013)


Tospy, sister to Dea and Dim Sum, is a very pretty and adorable little lady. She loves to be up high, and you can often find her on top of the fridge, hence her name 'Top-sy'! She's very jumpy and difficult to handle, although she will let Eleanor pick her up and cuddle her for a minute or two when the food is being served! She'd love to find a proper home for her as she has a sweet nature and would make a great pet. She tends to get bullied and chased by the others for some reason, which doesn't help her nerves. She'd really flourish in a calm home of her own and become fully domesticated.

Dim Sum (neutered male, born approx April, 2013)


Sweet little Dim Sum, as soft and lovely as his name implies, he's a delight. Dim is part of the first litter and brother to Dea. He can also be quite skittish, but once in your arms he's a tender little cloud like dumpling you want to gulp down in one go! He has been microchipped and vacinated for travel to UK but since developed what I think must be skin cancer on his ears and so Eleanor is unable to send him. He'll need to stay indoors with a collar on if he has to undergo amputation.)



This is Dea (pronounced Day-ah, meaning Godess). As you might be able to see from the photos, she was very indecisive when she was being created and couldn't make up her mind about which colour eyes to have, so she just took one of each - one green and one blue! She's part of the first litter that Fei brought to Eleanor's home when were they all about 6 weeks old. Consequently most of that litter won't let you touch them. (I sterilised her by sheer miracle but that was the one and only time I've ever been able to touch her. She's as slippery as a snake.



Here is Fei. She first showed up as a young feral adult about 3 years ago with a litter of 6 in tow! I reckon she's between 6-8 years old now as she looked about 3 or 4 when she turned up. Her expression depicts her character perfectly - she's a toughie! After feeding her and letting her sleep and give birth in my home, Eleanor finally manged to trap her and sterilise her. But she's still only just able to stroke her back and tail when the food is being put out. Who know if one day she'll let Eleanor give her a hug!?